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How to create an outline for your website

When starting a new website design – or relaunching an existing site – consider everything you know about your target customers and start sketching an outline for the site. From this outline, you can build a sitemap (a flowchart-like diagram) that shows how you can organize all the content in the site.

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Do you know these popular online business models?

Today I’d like to talk about one of my favorite topics I haven’t covered yet: business models. Specifically online business models that will hopefully spark some new ideas for you.

Why is this important?

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Complete list of websites for getting #SEO #backlinks to your site

Here are a bunch of sites I've bookmarked for SEO linkbuilding purposes. No matter what your business is, you should be able to find at least 10 sites to get backlinks here. Hope it helps!

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How to stop Google Analytics from tracking you on your own website

As a website owner, you visit your website more often than anyone else. You’ll go to blog, reply to comments, check to see if everything looks good, etc.

Unfortunately that also means your statistics aren’t accurate because they’ll be skewed heavily towards your own activities. Thankfully, Google has a setting to remove yourself from being tracked on your own website.

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How keyword research is the best way get more traffic to your website

Traffic matters to every website, no matter what your goal may be. More visitors to your site mean more opportunities for your goals to be reached.

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Simple Youtube SEO tips to get more views

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google? That’s why you’re selling your business short if you don’t have a YouTube channel that you are regularly uploading content to. My simple YouTube SEO tips will help you get more views and hopefully more traffic to your online business website.

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Selling on the internet: Traffic, Leads & Conversions

Every online business needs TLC – Traffic, Leads & Conversions.

Different businesses may use different terms, like sales instead of conversions, but the idea is the same. You need people to

1. Visit your website (traffic)
2. Decide to join your newsletter or accept an offer (leads)
3. Buy something (conversions)

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Building an email list: the key to online business success

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into internet marketing or are a veteran looking to take the leap to true success, building an email list is critical to making money online.

The reality is this: most people who visit your website will never come back.

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A simple way to stay focused on your goals all day long

It’s easy to get distracted from the big picture as each day progresses. We might get up in the morning, think about our major goals and what action we’re going to take that day. But sometimes we lose sight and get distracted by work, parenting and other responsibilities.

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Does your website need a fix or repair? Learn about our Fix My Website service

t’s the worst fear of every website owner – you upload a new theme or plugin and all of a sudden you are locked out of your site & all you see are error messages & you have no idea what to do.

Our Tech Rescue will have you back up and running today and save you hours of searching Google for the answers (time better spent running your business, helping your customers and earning money).

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